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Norwegian Imported - SBA L.702

Updated: Jan 2, 2023

This page contains all known information about the Norwegian imported L.702.

Belgian L.702 Imported to Norway.

The History of the imported L.702

The Belgian L.702 was first produced in 1938 by "Société Belge de l'Azote". The thought behind the L.702 was to make an affordable gas mask for the civilian population due to world war two becoming a reality. At some point after the initial production of the L.702 in Belgium, the SBA started to produce a 40mm version of the mask for export. This version was bought in an unknown quantity by the Swedish comany "Bicapa". Bicapa then exported the mask to Norway and the mask was for some time sold by different stores around the country. The reason the 40mm version was of interest to Norway was due to the Norwegian filters being produced at Viking rubber factory for the M-34 and the M-39 were 40mm.

Erik Ruuds - Mekaniske Verksted in Oslo, 1928.

Société Belge de l'Azote - Model L.702 (40mm)

There was no difference from the regular L.702 masks and the Norwegian import besides the filter tread. The original L.702 had a 25mm filter tread while the Norwegian import had a 40mm filter tread.

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