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Norwegian Imported - Avon FM12 Gas mask

This page contains all known information about the Norwegian imported Avon FM12.

The Norwegian imported FM12 is designated "NM180" in Norway and has a unique carrier and accessories.

The History of the imported FM12 gas mask.

The FM12 was introduced to the Norwegian armed forces in the 90's, and became the successor of the Swedish M-51 (40mm) mask. In the Norwegian military the FM12 is designated "NM180", and the mask is still in use today. Apperantly the Norwegian military is currently looking to replace the FM12 (NM180), but it is unknown which mask will take the FM12s place. The Norwegian police force also uses the FM12 as their standard gas mask.

Me wearing my FM12 in my M113F3 APC.

Avon - Model "FM12"

The FM12 mask was developed in the early 90's and became one of the most used gas masks in the whole world. It comes in three sizes and uses 40mm filters. This made the mask ideal for the Norwegian military as Norway had a huge stock of Helly Hansen 40mm filters in the 90's, and at this point these filters were still usable. Every part of the Norwegian military uses the FM12 (NM180). Even though the Norwegian military were suppoused to stop using the old outdated Hell Hansen NM21 filters, they still issue them to this day (I speak from experience). Overall the FM12 was a good mask for the Norwegian military.

Norwegian soldiers training with their FM12 gas mask.

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