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Norwegian Imported - Dutch Veritex Gas mask

This page contains all known information about the Norwegian imported Veritex gasmasker.

Dutch Veritex gas mask. Note that this example was never imported to Norway.

The History of the imported Veritex gas mask.

The Dutch Veritex mask was meant for the civilian population and went into production just a few years before world war two broke out. It was featured a simple design like many other civilan masks of its era, but the rubber used was especially weak and subject to tearing. At some point the Dutch Veritex was imported and sold in Norway.

The original ad for the Veritex mask in Norway.

Veritex - Model "Veritex gas mask"

Due to the poor quality of the Veritex rubber, very few imported examples remain. It is unknown if the imported model featured a Norwegian manual or if they were just simply issued with a Dutch manual. The mask was most likely not imported in big numbers and most likely came to a halt when Germany invaded Norway in 1940 and war began between Germany and Norway.

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