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Viking Rubber Factory - Model M-39

Updated: Aug 24, 2020

This page contains all known information about the Viking model M-39 gas mask.

The history of Vikings model M-39

Viking rubber factorys model M-39 was the first mask made at Viking rubber factory to be completely made by rubber instead of rubberized fabric. The mask was the third model that Viking made and became available just before Norway was invaded by Germany in 1940. Viking rubber factory kept producing the M-39 during the war and production most likely ended around 1945.

Viking Rubber Factory - Model M-39

The M-39 was as previously mentioned the first Norwegian gas mask to be completely made out of rubber instead of rubberized fabric. The mask was sold in small cardboard boxes with a manual and one 40mm filter. The mask were also at some point stored in small simple cardboard canisters. It is unkown if these were issued with the mask or sold separately.

The Norwegian Civil Airdefence

The Norwegian Civil airdefence used several different models from Viking throughout the years, though they were never seen using the M-30. This was probably due to the fact that the Norwegian civil airdefence wasn't established until 1936, and by that time the M-30 had be mostly replaced by the M-34. When the M-39 became available, they switched to this model and used it until the final mask from Viking rubber factory became available (Most likely in 1952).

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