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Viking Rubber Factory - Model M-34

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

This page contains all known information about the Viking model M-34 gas mask.

An M-34 with the original carrier and filter.

The history of Vikings model M-34

Viking rubber factorys M-34 was the second mask to be produced. It had some similarities to the previous M-30 mask, but it had been improved in several ways. After the initial production of the M-30 mask, it was soon realized that there was a need for an improved mask. One of the reasons was most likely that the M-30 was lacking an outlet valve, which made it alot more difficult to use.

Members of the Norwegian Civil Air Defence during an exercise in Stavanger in 1939.

Viking Rubber Factory - Model M-34

The M-34 was made with a different inlet valve that moved the filter further away and down from the users face. The M-34 was also equipped with an outlet valve which made it alot easier to breathe through. The mask was issued with a simple fabric carrier.

The original manual for the M-34 mask.

The Norwegian Civil Airdefence

The Norwegian Civil airdefence used several different models from Viking throughout the years, though they were never seen using the M-30. This was probably due to the fact that the Norwegian civil airdefence wasn't established until 1936, and by that time the M-30 had be mostly replaced by the M-34.

Members of the Norwegian civil airdefence during an exercise in Kristiansand, 1939.

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