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Helly Hansen Gas mask - Model A59

Updated: Aug 2, 2020

This page contains all known information about Helly Hansens model A59 gas mask.

Helly Hansens A59 mask.

The History of the A59 Model

The A59 model, was the first mask Helly Hansen made. The mask was the first Helly Hansen mask to enter production. Production began in 1958/1959 after years of research. The research on the mask had been conducted by Helly Hansen and an engineer by the name of Jon Norman. The mask was supposed to be used by civilians and Civil defence. The mask saw alot of use with the Civil defence.

Helly Hansens gas mask laboratory.

Helly Hansen - Model A59

The mask consisted of a big open visor which streched all around the oral nasal cup and down to the filters. The A59s oral nasal cup was completely transparent and was kept in place by two small black "sticks". The mask was not equipped with voice diaphragm. The exhale valve had a round shape and can resemble a spider-web. The exhale valve can be unscrewed in order to be replaced. The Manual for the A59, much like other manuals containted detailed drawing of the mask which also pointed out each component of the mask.

This specific manual was made for the Norwegian Civil Defence, as seen on the top of the page. The A59 used two small filters made from sardine cans. The mask used two identical filters on each side of the mask. The filters was kept in place with a simple grey rubber band around the "tread". This made it fairly easy to switch filters. The filters was very lightweight, which was perfect for a civilian mask. Theses filters went by the designation "AH-filters".

The carrier for the A59 is made out of a simple grey PVC and cardboard pieces to keep everything in place on the inside. The carrier has a "box" shape and is secured with a strap hook. The carrier uses one simple carrying strap that can be adjusted. Inside the carrier there are two small straps meant to hold extra filters. The carrier also has a small pocket for the manual.

Three member of the Norwegian Civil Defence wearing the A59 mask.

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