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Helly Hansen Gas mask - Model LFD

Updated: Aug 2, 2020

This page contains all known information about Helly Hansens model LFD gas mask.

Helly Hansens LFD mask.

The History of the LFD Model

The LFD model was one of Helly Hansens military mask. The LFD is not marked with "Sjøforsvaret" as the LFC. The LFD is one of the more advanced Helly Hansen military masks along with the LFC and LFG, compared to the IMA and IMB which does not have a voice diaphragm. The only confirmed use of the LFD was with the Helly Hansen childeren gas bag which was issued to the Civil Defence.

Helly Hansen - Model LFD

The mask consisted of a big open visor that streched down the right side of the mask. The LFDs oral nasal cup was made up of green PVC as the mask itself and was transparent around the edge. The mask was equipped with voice diaphragm, which could be unscrewed. The exhale valve had the same shape as used on the IMA, IMB, LFC and LF-62.

The LFC mask used a 40mm filter which had the exact same color as the mask itself. The designation is not confirmed, but it was most likely the "NM21" filter.

The Manual for the LFD, much like other manuals containted detailed drawing of the mask which also pointed out each component of the mask.

The carrier for the LFD is made out of a green smooth PVC covered fabric and cardboard pieces to keep everything in place on the inside. The carrier has an shape similar to the LFC but not completely the same, and is quite robust. The carrier has a solid and adjustable fabric strap and closes with a thick fabric piece. The front of the carrier is marked with "Helly-Hansen Moss".

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