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Helly Hansen Gas mask - Model LGP62

Updated: Aug 24, 2020

This page contains all known information about Helly Hansens model LGP-62 gas mask.

Helly Hansens LGP-62 mask.

The History of the LGP-62 Model

The LGP-62 was a variant of the LF-62 intended for military and industrial use. It was produced in an unknown quantity starting in 1962. There is currently no known photos of the LGP-62 in use, so it is not certain that the design was ever put into production or if it was just an experimental design. Helly Hansen also produced 60mm filters, which might be a reason for them to want a mask that supports both their 40mm filters and their 60mm filters.

Helly Hansen - Model LGP-62

The LGP-62 was a version of the LF-62 that instead of the regular 40mm filter tread, uses a 40mm and 60mm tread. This allowed the users of the mask to operate with a bigger variations of filters as they were not tied to a certain size and no adapter were needed. Beside the new tread, the LGP-62 was identical to the LF-62. However it was issued with a different kind of carrier. This carrier was different from the other Helly Hansen carriers. it did not use any cardboard in order to keep its shape. The carrier was designed to be used in a military setting more than in a civilian or industrial setting.

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